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Frequently Asked Questions About Pressure Washing

What is pressure washing?

Pressure washing is the act of using high-powered water spray from a mechanical water pump to blast away dirt, grime, dust, mold, mud, and loose paint from the surface of houses, buildings, concrete, and the like. A pressure washer measures water pressure using PSI, or pounds per square inch. This is an effective cleaning method for large and sturdy surfaces that have built up dirt and debris.

Can I do my own pressure washing?

Pressure washing is more complex than most people realize. Using a pressure washer incorrectly can result in safety risks for people and pets and can cause extensive damage to the exterior of your home or business. Professional pressure washers have the experience and knowledge necessary to deliver the best and most effective pressure washing experience possible. These experts know how much pressure to use on a given surface to avoid any type of damage. They also know which cleaning solutions will work to rid home exteriors of discoloration and will sanitize these surfaces of elements like mold, mildew, and algae. It is also more likely that professional pressure washers have top-quality equipment, which makes a big difference in the effectiveness of the cleaning. For these reasons, we recommend that you leave your pressure washing needs in the capable hands of our staff at Impeccable Pressure Washing. You won't regret hiring us, but you will regret the damage of misusing a pressure washer on your home.

How often do your exterior surfaces need pressure washing?

It depends on where you live and what the weather has been like. Below are a few situations that indicate your home may need pressure washing.

  • If your home has recently endured a season of harsh weather such as rain, snow, hail, etc., then it probably has accumulated debris and could use a pressure washing session.
  • Additionally, if you live off of a dirt or gravel road or driveway, then dust and dirt particles have likely gathered on your exteriors, making pressure washing necessary every few months. The same goes for homes with lots of surrounding trees that are shedding leaves and sap.
  • If the weather has been especially humid lately, then it's possible that mold and mildew have cropped up on your exteriors, and pressure washing will be needed to sanitize them.
  • Homes near the coasts suffer the build-up of salt from the oceans on their surfaces. Experts recommend that these types of homes and businesses be pressure washed at least seasonally.
  • If you can see visible stains and discoloration or if dirt comes off on your hand when you touch the surface of your house, then it is time to schedule a pressure washing appointment.

Many factors determine how frequently your surfaces will need pressure washing. Professionals recommend that every home and business be pressure washed at least once a year, but additional washing may be necessary throughout the year as weather conditions and other circumstances call for it.

Keep a close eye on your exteriors, and if you're still unsure, then call the experts at Impeccable Pressure Washing for an assessment today!

How can I prepare for my pressure washing session with Impeccable Pressure Washing?

If you've scheduled a roof or house wash with us, then we ask that:

  • All windows are closed and locked.
  • All exterior lights are switched off.
  • All furniture, fabrics, and potted plants are moved 15 feet away from the house.
  • Any potted plants or items too heavy to move are covered with tarps or trash bags.
  • Any persons entering or exiting the home are aware that our detergents can stain clothing and that trip hazards like ladders, machines, and hoses will present.

If you've scheduled a concrete cleaning session, then we ask that vehicles and other items be cleared from the area. For gutter cleaning services, be sure to inform people coming and going to look out for falling debris from overhead.

Will high-pressure washing damage my home and its exteriors?

If performed correctly and by a professional, then pressure washing will not damage your exteriors. However, there are some exterior features that are too delicate for the powerful force of pressure washing and should be cleaned using another method. These items include but aren't limited to:

  • Windows - high-pressure can shatter glass, which requires window replacement and could pose a safety hazard for people and pets inside the home.
  • Air conditioning units - high-pressure can dent the venting on these units and compromise airflow.
  • Water and electrical meters - high-pressure can easily damage these units, and result in a costly repair bill.
  • Asphalt shingles - high-pressure can wear away the granules on these shingles, damaging this protective feature of your roof.
  • Wood siding - high-pressure washing can force water into the wood, which can then cause the formation of mold and mildew, and damage to the insulation beneath.
  • Outdoor furniture and appliances - things like grills and deck furniture can be badly damaged by high-pressure washing. Take other cleaning measures to shine up these items.

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